Presentation “De liefde achterna”

The RULe of Francis: de liefde achterna

Presentation on the occasion of the newly published book of Willem Marie Speelman with inspiring comments on the rule of Francis of Assisi.
Francis of Assisi has inspired millions over the centuries. With the coming of pope Francis attention  for this thirteenth-century friar minor has grown even more.

This certainly holds true for Francis as an advocate of care for our natural and social environment. What about his rule for his follwers? Does modern, self-aware man take notice of a rule of life?

At the symposium we first explore the sense and meaning of a rule of life. Next, we focus on Fransis’ vision and aspiration. The rules of life of Francis concern ‘ordinary’ life and are focused on peace among people and between people and God.

Themes are: acting and passivity, humility and brotherhood, imitation and non-exclusiveness.


14.00 Welcome
14.15 Theo van Adrichem What’s it like to live following a rule?
14.45 Roshnee van Ossewaarde-Lowtoo What does it mean: choosing for yourself?
15.15 Intermission
15.30 Willem Marie Speelman Why is this rule different from other rules?
16.00 Presentation of De liefde achterna. Next: drinks.

About the book

De liefde achterna. Leefregels van Franciscus bezorgd door Willem Marie Speelman (Meinema, Zoetermeer, 2018) contains the full text of the major rules of life of Francis. Willem Marie Speelman wrote explanatory notes that open the content for our times; thus unlocking a spiritual source still fresh after 800 years.

About the speakers

Drs. Theo van Adrichem OFM is vice-provincial of the Franciscans in the Netherlands.
Dr. Roshnee van Ossewaarde-Lowtoo is postdoc-researcher of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.
Dr. Willem Marie Speelman OFS is director of the Franciscaans Studiecentrum.

Practical info

Date: march 16 2018, 14.00 – 17.00
Location: Zaal 006 (Adrianuszaal) Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, Nieuwegracht 65 3512 BH Utrecht
Costs: € 25 (including the book)
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Sign up: via deze pagina.


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