De liefde achterna

‘De liefde achterna. Leefregels van Franciscus.’ is released at the end of January.

Presented by Willem Marie Speelman.

Francis of Assisi has inspired millions over the centuries. With the coming of pope Francis attention  for this 13th century friar minor has grown even more.
The rules of life of Francis are about ‘ordinary’ life and are focused on peace among people and between people and God. Themes are: act and (mainly) don’t act, humility and brotherhood, imitation and non-exclusiveness.
This book contains the full text of the major rules of life of Francis. Willem Marie Speelman wrote explanatory notes that open the content for our times. He also wrote an important introduction on the rules of life.
A spiritual source still fresh after 800 years.

Willem Marie Speelman is academic staff member of the Franciscan Study Centre at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.